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All for Fun


Our unrivaled selection of special shows are "made to order" to fit your event.

Salute to Broadway
A crisp, invigorating review performed by current stars and veterans of the Broadway stage. (Runs 30-60 minutes.)*

For the Love of Opera
An elegent selection of operatic favorites performed by accomplished professionals from the Met and New York City Opera. (Runs 30-60 minutes.)

Completely Cabaret
A program devoted to the American cabaret and performed by some of New York's finest Cabaret artists. (Runs 30-60 minutes.)*



Distinctly Dance
A dance presentation to suit any crowd. Choose from ballroom, ballet, tap, hip-hop, jazz, country western, tropical and calypso, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Slavic, Las Vegas cabaret, and more. (Runs 30-60 minutes.)*

*Performers subject to availability